Income Tax Return

Every Natural Person in Germany Must Pay Income Tax

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Income Tax Return

What is an Income Tax Return?

Every natural person in Germany is obligated to pay income tax. How much they pay depends upon how much they earn. Income tax is the most important source of funding for the federal, state, and local governments.

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Why You Are in Good Hands with Us when Filing Your Income Tax Return

Preparing income tax returns is about as commonplace for us as fixing a car is for a mechanic or coding software is for a programmer.

We are familiar with the gray areas and know what can and cannot be done.

When Do I Have to File an Income Tax Return?

You are obliged to file a tax return if you receive income from more than one employer.


Sometimes an obligation can end up being a blessing. Find out about cases in which it is not necessarily mandatory, but it is actually profitable for you to file an income tax return.

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Tax Filing Deadlines

If you are not represented by a tax advisor, you have until July 31st to file your income tax return from the previous year. Late submission may result in fines.

Our Services

Why should I have my tax return prepared by a tax advisor instead of just using a software tool?

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