We Mean It When We Say Proactive Consulting

Looking for a tax advisor who councils instead of just going through the motions? Then you've come to the right place. We see ourselves as a guide and partner at your side. Anybody can fill out forms: We answer the questions you didn't know you had.

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Proactive Consultation

What We Mean by Proactive Consultation

As your tax advisor, we have an overview of the entire tax landscape, not merely your business’s current financials. That allows us to show you the big picture.

Our goal is to help you benefit from that wider perspective. We come to you and explain when there is potential for savings.

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Advice for Minimizing Tax Burden

Are you trying to reduce your tax burden and looking for a competent partner? We know how it’s done. We can analyze your situation proactively and provide you with recommendations to reduce your tax burden. There are many different ways it can be accomplished.

Active Client Support

It’s impossible to know whether you’re making the right decision unless you understand the tax ramifications. We stay in continuous contact with our clients. This way we know about your plans and can help you avoid costly mistakes, such as operational company split-ups with unintended consequences.

We analyze your fiscal year together before it closes. That way the advice we offer is still actionable on your end.

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Automatic Adjustment of Your Tax Prepayments

High back tax payments are not inevitable. We review your tax prepayments with you three times a year and discuss together whether they need to be adjusted. This allows us to avoid liquidity bottlenecks and unpleasant surprises.

The Consulting Services We Offer

Our custom-tailored guidance helps you maximize efficiency while optimizing your tax liability:


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Tax burden means the burden of all taxation on the income earned by you or your companies. Our goal is to keep that tax burden as low as possible. There are a lot of ways to do this within tax law.


Planning your business’s future early and wisely will allow you to relax and enjoy your retirement later on. Once the succession of the company has been arranged and the transition plan is in place, you can look to the future with confidence.