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Due to the complexity of international tax law, it is particularly important to have a strong partner at your side who can advise, guide, and structure your company.

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International Tax Law

Inbound: Supporting an Entry into the German Market

Do you want to expand your business into Germany? We would be happy to assist you. Whether you want to establish operating facilities or found a domestic company, we can advise you on the optimal legal form and handle the founding process for you as well as the ongoing administration.

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Outbound: Supporting the Expansion of a German Company Abroad

Are you planning to expand your business abroad? We would be happy to help. We can advise you on the optimal tax structure. Where are which profits taxable? How can you avoid double taxation? These are some of the questions we can answer.

Thanks to our network of partners abroad, we are also able to keep an eye on your tax processes outside Germany. That allows you to achieve the optimal consolidated tax rate and gain a competitive advantage.

The Consulting Services We Offer

Our custom-tailored guidance helps you maximize efficiency while optimizing your tax liability:


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As your tax consultant, we understand your individual business’s financial situation, but we also have an overview of the ever-shifting tax landscape. That allows us to show you the big picture.


Tax burden means the burden of all taxation on the income earned by you or your companies. Our goal is to keep that tax burden as low as possible. There are a lot of ways to do this within tax law.