Inheritance and Gifts

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Inheritance and Gift Tax

What is Meant by Inheritance and Gifts?

The transfer of wealth. If assets are transferred during a person’s lifetime, this constitutes a gift. Assets bequeathed after death are considered inheritance. If you need help with an inheritance or want to plan the transfer of your assets, we can be a partner at your side.

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Planning a Transfer of Assets

The passing of wealth to the next generation should be planned out long before death. By planning early and systematically, it is possible to avoid inheritance and gift taxes almost entirely.

This allows the benefactor to transfer their estate in accordance with their own wishes. And that is the best way to avoid conflict among the future beneficiaries.

The Consulting Services We Offer

Our custom-tailored guidance helps you maximize efficiency while optimizing your tax liability:


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Planning your business’s future early and wisely will allow you to relax and enjoy your retirement later on. Once the succession of the company has been organized and the transition has been arranged, you can look to the future with confidence.


In Germany, inheritances and gifts must always be declared regardless of size. If you have received an inheritance or gift and need to file a tax declaration, we can help you.