GoBD-compliant Accounting is the Backbone of Your Business

Tax offices are increasingly seeking to raise tax revenues via stricter enforcement - even to the point of criminal prosecution, if necessary.

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Digital Accounting

Legally Compliant Accounting

Is your accounting compliant with the German Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GoB)? If not, the tax office may re-estimate your tax liability.  That’s why proper financial accounting is the most effective way to protect yourself against additional tax payments. 

Whether you want to do your accounting in-house or have it done by us, We can ensure that everything is done correctly. We don’t merely focus on compliance with all applicable regulations, but also on lean, digital, automated processes.

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Accounting as a Tool for Your Success

Bookkeeping isn’t just something you do for the tax office, but first and foremost for benefit of your own business. It’s good to get numbers at the end of the month. But it’s better to really understand the financial performance of your business.

We offer clarification and transparency. We can call you every month and provide a succinct rundown of the company’s performance. In addition, you have full interactive access to your accounting data in real time.

The Consulting Services We Offer

Our custom-tailored guidance helps you maximize efficiency while optimizing your tax liability:


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As a business owner, you want to be proactive, manage your tax situation, and have a solid foundation upon which to make decisions. That’s why you need to know your company’s performance before the end of the fiscal year. We can guide you in real time.


Administrative processes are the backbone of any company. They are necessary and no business can function without them. But that doesn’t mean that administrative processes have to be slow and expensive. We take a holistic view of processes and work with you to find the best way to achieve better efficiency and lower costs.