Corporate Restructuring

There are many potential advantages to be gained by changing the legal form of an enterprise - reduced tax burden, personal asset protection in the event of bankruptcy, risk diversification, etc.

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Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring?

Do you want to reduce your tax burden? Are you planning on using real estate as a vehicle to preserve and grow your wealth? Has your business grown substantially and you want to minimize or diversify your risk? There are many reasons why an enterprise might change its legal form. Whatever the motivation, it is important to take tax and economic considerations into account before the restructuring. We would be happy to advise you.

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How Does Corporate Restructuring Work?

Step 1: We analyze your current situation together. Our focus at this stage is on your priorities. 

Step 2: We then generate a secure, legally-binding concept. 

Step 3: We guide you through the conversion process, e.g. preparing contracts and coordinating with notaries. 

The Consulting Services We Offer

Our custom-tailored guidance helps you maximize efficiency while optimizing your tax liability:


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The transfer of wealth. If assets are transferred during a person’s lifetime, this constitutes a gift. Assets bequeathed after death are considered inheritance. If you need help with an inheritance or want to plan the transfer of your assets, we can be a partner at your side.