All About Real Estate

Why Real Estate Is so Important in Building Wealth

Real estate plays an essential role in the accumulation of wealth for both private individuals and companies in Germany, whether the owner buys a single family home for their own use or an apartment building to rent out. Real estate is often the cornerstone of retirement planning.

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Property Renovation

If arranged properly, the tax office will cover up to 50% of your renovation costs. Generate tax-mitigating maintenance expenses instead of construction costs. But at what point do maintenance expenses become acquisition costs? And what are acquisition-related construction expenses?

The Structure of a Real Estate Purchase

Do you have questions about buying real estate? Get in touch with us. We can advise you on all aspects of real estate.

Purchasing Real Estate

Make smart decisions from the very beginning to ensure that the property lives up to your expectations. We’d be happy to help you with the following topics-

Verwaltung von Immobilien

Real Estate Managment

You want an optimal return on your investment while maintaining the maximum possible property value. We have been managing our clients’ properties for over 4 years.

Preparing Utility Bills

Real estate on your income tax returns:

Want to avoid paying duplicate costs for both property management and tax consulting? We can take care of it all. And that saves you time and money.


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Income Tax Return

Every natural person in Germany is obligated to pay income tax. How much they pay depends upon how much they earn. Income tax is the most important source of funding for the federal, state, and local governments.


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Real Estate in Your Industry

Learn about special considerations concerning real estate in your industry:


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