Assistant Tax Advisor

Our Team Is a Reliable Partner at Your Side

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Why Köthe Steuer- & Rechtsberatung?

Want to work in a young, ambitious team? Looking for lots of direct contact with clients? Interested in doing some real consulting? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We don’t just advise digital companies; we see ourselves as one too. Active leadership and modern project management are the norm for us.

Your Mission

You are the point of contact for your clients and employees. You will look after regular clientele as an Assistant Tax Advisor. Consultation with clients is just as much a part of your role as the preparation of annual financial statements.

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Your Assignments

Your Profile

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What We Offer

Even we don’t have a universal formula for well-being in the workplace. But together with our employees, we work to ensure that you see your job as a positive part of your life. After all, people who enjoy coming to work are more productive in the long run. Employees aren’t burdened or stressed by their workload if they love what they do. This is how we build the foundation for both your personal success and the success of the firm at the same time.


Köthe Steuer und Rechtsberatung

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