Assistant Tax Advisor Apprenticeship

Our Team Is a Reliable Partner at Your Side

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Why Köthe Steuer- & Rechtsberatung?

Want to work in a young, ambitious team? Looking real-world experience that leads to a valuable qualification? Do you want to have direct contact with your own clients early on? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We take apprenticeships seriously, because our apprentices of today become our colleagues of tomorow.

Your Mission

You will have three years to learn the craft of your profession and build up your own clientele. We will support you and provide you with all the necessary tools to pass the exam with flying colors. We will give you the opportunity to build up your own client base.

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Your Assignments

Your Profile

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What We Offer

Even we don’t have a universal formula for well-being in the workplace. But together with our employees, we work to ensure that you see your job as a positive part of your life. After all, people who enjoy coming to work are more productive in the long run. Employees aren’t burdened or stressed by their workload if they love what they do. This is how we build the foundation for both your personal success and the success of the firm at the same time. 


Köthe Steuer und Rechtsberatung

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